I’ve started earthing several times a week – sticking my feet in Puget Sound near my apartment for 15 minutes, and grounding, clearing each of my chakras, and doing some qigong. Earthing connects you to the electro-magnetic energy of the earth and helps with clearing chakras as you must be sufficiently grounded to supply the leverage needed to do that. I actually feel the infusion of earth energy and I do feel more grounded and clear, as a result. This means I am more in touch with my intuition, and less able to do things that feel counter to my internal sense of what is right for me. It inspires me to get back to my creative project, a dance theater piece about my healing path as the black sheep of my Korean American family that is currently called “Reunification Day.” Watch the first scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv3P6YGqyS4.


Hi everyone!

I am finally starting my Culturedancer blog! It’s been eleven years since I got back from my seven year sojourn to the land of my ethnic roots, South Korea, and I am finally out of the self-imposed emotional exile I’ve been in and ready to publish my digestion of that journey.

Stay tuned!